Friendly Biology
by Joey Hajda, DVM MEd
and Lisa B. Hajda, MEd
Reviews and Comments
Laura, a homeschooling mother from Ohio writes:

         "I recently  purchased Friendly Biology for my 16-year-old ADHD/ASD son.  My son has a brilliant mind, but he gets overwhelmed by too many pages to read. We had started him on another program, but getting him to read it was like pulling teeth. He hated it. I hated it.
          I started hearing talk about Friendly Biology in the homeschool community and went to the webpage to check it out. Immediately I knew it was the biology program for us. Its chapters are short, the font is big and not so intimidating. The graphics and examples are fun and engaging. It is well-written, thorough, NOT BORING. It's actually cool, and dare I say fun? I like the questions, crosswords and word searches that go with the chapters. It reassures me he is learning. My son is halfway through the program, no longer dreads Biology class and my life has been made easier as well. I highly recommend Friendly Biology."

Beth Hempton, owner/instructor/homeschool mom writes:

       "At Classes by Beth Plus, Inc., we're thrilled to offer Dr. Hajda's Friendly Biology curriculum as our primary high school Biology course curriculum in both live and recorded courses. Dr. Hajda used his new curriculum to teach our Biology course last year and students loved it. Friendly Biology provides extensive enough material to meet any future science major standards while truly being easy enough to understand so that non-science students thrive, as well. The interest level proved to be high while the material was very understandable. I would recommend Dr. Hajda's science curriculum in both classroom and homeschool settings because you don't need a Biology degree to use it. We so appreciate Dr. Hajda bringing science back to where students not only comprehend it, but they enjoy it!"

Deb Deffinbaugh of the Timberdoodle Company writes:

      "Any text that uses Lego figures to discuss genetics has earned the moniker "Friendly!" Friendly Biology, with its clear, colorful diagrams and abundant photos, introduces the world of biology to high-school students in a gentle, non-intimidating manner.
      Written by a homeschooling husband and wife team, Friendly Biology covers topics such as mitosis and meiosis, genetics, taxonomy, ecology, an overview of all human body systems, and much more. With meaningful lessons and spot-on lab activities, Friendly Biology will not merely teach your teen biological terms and processes, but it should also give him an awe and respect for both the splendor and complexity of living things. We were especially pleased with their tasteful and yet complete discussion of human reproduction."  (Note:  Friendly Biology has been chosen to be included in the Ninth-grade Curriculum Kit featured by the Timberdoodle Company.)
    Friendly Biology was just released this past spring (2017) and we are gathering reviews and comments from our customers.  As feedback arrives, we will continue to add it here.