Live-action videotaped lessons are now available taught by text author, Dr. Joey Hajda. 

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These videos are licensed for viewing by one family or classroom for an unlimited period of time.  You may watch with your students now and then access later for upcoming family members or classes.

The videos are hosted by Vimeo and can be viewed on any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone).  No advertisements are found with our Vimeo service.  Let us know if you have questions about this opportunity for your family.

At this time, each lesson is available for purchase individually. 

The following lessons are now available.  Click lesson title to view ordering details.

Lesson 1:  Characteristics of Living Things  $12.95 

Lesson 2:  A Little Bit of Chemistry $12.95

Lesson 3:  The Carbohydrates $12.95

Lesson 4:  The Lipids $12.95

Lesson 5:  The Proteins $12.95

Lesson 6:  pH $12.95

Lesson 7:  Cytology (Part 1) $12.95

Lesson 8:  Cytology (Part 2) $12.95

Lesson 9:  Cell Division (Mitosis) $12.95

Lesson 10:  Chromosome Duplication $12.95
Introductory offer for Lessons 1 and 2!  Get these lessons for only $9.95 each by using the promocode "GoBiology" at checkout.  Offer expires Dec. 31, 2017.